Blog From America

I remember while growing up, often, having woken up on a Sunday morning I’d hear the radio next door where my father was shaving and listening to Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America. It was a 15-minute radio series on BBC Radio 4 in which Cooke discussed all manner of Americana.

That’s what this blog aims to do. Like Cooke, I’m a journalist living in America and though that’s where the similarities between us end–he being immensely successful, me, err, not quite there yet–fortunately America remains the most astonishing country, managing to be at one and the same time: inspiring, terrifying, uplifting, utterly incomprehensible, gorgeous, tragic, intoxicating, suffocating; I could go on, you get the picture.

Any country is like this, admittedly, once you poke around but, still, there really isn’t anywhere quite like this place. I’ll try and get a tiny bit of that over in this blog by describing life here in Austin, Texas.

Currently, the sun is out after a weekend of rain (a pretty remarkable occurrence in Austin), some sirens are blaring in the distance, the ants in my apartment are keeping their heads down and, overall, things are well.