Horse saddled and ready to go

Yesterday, the Mustang had it’s annual state inspection–and all good. Possibly the first time I’ve had a car get through an inspection with no issues. Whether it was as thorough as an MOT, who  knows, but for $29 I’m not complaining.

The bond I’ve forged with my ‘stang is a rather deep one, in no small part due to the fact it’s the first cool car I’ve ever had. During my twenties I had a Vauxhall Astra and a Volvo estate. Very practical, both, but not very cool.

Now I know my limits. I’m not cool. Gangly and grey haired tends to rule you out. But. It’s hard not to trick yourself when sitting at the traffic lights in a cerulean-coloured Mustang purring away with some Radiohead playing on the stereo and feel a bit cool.

Though America makes a speciality of cool cars, so that my car is pretty tame compared to others out there on the roads,  such as newer Mustang models,  Dodge Chargers, Camaros and Corvettes, with their mercurial alloys, blackened windows, roaring engines and sleeker curves.

Still, I’m not complaining. My ‘stang works for me.