Authentically Irish?


A nice pint of Guinness was had last night at B.D. Riley’s. The pub was designed and built near Emyvale, Ireland, and then shipped in pieces across the Atlantic and reassembled here in Austin, in the midst of the “historic Sixth Street Entertainment District” (as says the brochure), though also known as Dirty Sixth to locals who have seen it on  Friday and Saturday nights.

The brochure further claims the pub is as authentic as an Irish watering hole can be this side of the Atlantic. Does that make it authentic? Regardless, I think you have to give it to the owner for going to all that effort.

I can relate to the pub’s claim to Irishness, being a partly Irish transplant myself, while feeling far less authentic. Despite the plummy English accent, I’m actually three-quarters Irish through my Belfast-born father and my Irish grandmother on my mum’s side (or as they say here, my mom’s side).

I even have a bit of Canadian, which I only found out very recently! On the birth certificate for my paternal grandfather it shows his father was a Canadian private during World War 1.

What does that make me? I suspect I may not be any type of authentic. Its funny what you find out once you look into things.