Listening to the Governor of Texas

My first press pass, attending the Texas Tribune Festival. The opening session last night involved a talk with Governor of Texas Rick Perry.

The good governor and I don’t have much in common when it comes to agreeing on policy but I’ve got to give it to him, on stage he was charming, and amusing and by the end I was chortling along to his comments; perhaps shaking my head and saying to myself, “Oh, Rick,” while eating out of his hand.

These politicians know what they are doing. I guess that’s how you get three terms as the longest elected governor of Texas.

At the opening night party held afterwards in the Blanton Museum of Art, I ended up sitting next to an old lady after getting tired of walking around not knowing anyone to talk to.

Margeretta introduced me to her partner, Ian, who told me his amazing life story. He was born in Belize when it was British Honduras, after his father’s side of the family emigrated there from American after the Civil War and his mother’s side of the family had gone out there from Scotland, working for the civil service.

At 17 and during World War II he left to come and attend The University of Texas at Austin, but due to German U boats in the Gulf of Mexico, had to travel overland, crossing the northern border into Mexico, taking a small plane to Mexico City and then getting a train onwards.

It rather put my travels that took me to the same university in perspective.