U.S. election, Mexican beers and porridge

This morning attended the closing session of the Texas Tribune Festival, a panel discussion about the 2012 presidential race. Sounds like it’s President Obama’s to lose, just, though it wouldn’t take much to change that, especially with the televised debates coming up.

I bumped into two of the festival’s photographers who were fellow students at the University of Texas and are now freelancing: Raymond Thompson and Spencer Selvidge. Both are talented photographers; I’m been a fan of Ray and his work since I met him and I’d recommend checking out his Justine Undone portfolio on his Website that focuses on the African-American community in Austin’s East Side (where I now live).

We went for a few drinks after they’d handed in their cameras’ memory cards to the photo-editing suite. Discussed all sorts: ranging from gay boy scouts to the U.S.’s use of mass incarceration.

Having rushed out with no breakfast in order to get to the festival, finally had my morning porridge and bagel at 3 p.m. Still tasted awesome, and coming after three Mexican Tekate beers.