Margaritas in the rain

The weather has turned decidedly British here in Austin, so that last night’s Margaritas were drunk amid rain falling outside. As an editorial nicely put it regarding the change in the weather and the shift from summer to fall (autumn): “My pace quickens at the turn of the season, and I feel a sense of possibility.”

Admittedly I’m currently primarily feeling a sense of hangover due to a  few too many Margaritas in the end, but I thought I’d share the recipe I’ve picked up after taking counsel from bar tenders, Texans who love their Margaritas, American-Mexicans who know their tequilas, and through a lot of trial and error.

2 measures of tequila reposado (has a yellow tinge to it), 100 percent Agave.

1 1/4 measure of triple sec

3/4 measure of freshly squeezed lime juice

1/2 measure of orange juice

A dollop of agave nectar (an organic sugar replacement, if you can’t get the agave nectar then use a tea spoon of natural cane sugar)

Rim a glass with lemon juice and salt. Shake and strain the ingredients into a the glass with three to four ice cubes and a slice of lime. Savour.

The world always looks better after one of those. Just be careful if you have five or six otherwise it’s harder to appreciate the changing of the seasons and the beginning of a time that Albert Camus called the “second spring, where every leaf is a flower.”