A fitting setting for a werewolf in Austin

Last night streams of grey clouds drifted past a very bright and full moon above Austin. It looked very cinematic and fitting for a horror movie (sorry, I forgot to take a photo, which rather detracts from the claim) though as it turned out no werewolves were hiding in the bushes, fortunately.

I grabbed a bite to eat with fellow ex-journalism graduate student Fred Badlissi at Guadalupe Street’s Jordanian eatery Kismet Cafe and we discussed the trials and tribulations of self-righteous blogging and what’s the point of it all.

Though I’m not sure we resolved the final question Fred may be launching his own blog shortly, so keep an eye out.

With the cafe being right next to the University of Texas at Austin campus, we sipped sweet Jordanian tea and munched on Falafel and alike while watching the passing scenery of students going about their nocturnal adventures and making the most of the weekend’s remaining hours before the beginning of another week’s classes.