The BBC will find you

Yesterday I found a BBC camera man tucked into a corner of my apartment by the kitchen sink as I was interviewed by a reporter in Pakistan via the camera man’s telephone that sat on the table next to me on speaker phone.

The experience convinced me of both my uncomfortable posture on camera and the impressive logistic-solving capabilities of the BBC.

The interview was for a BBC News at 10 piece about drone strikes in Pakistan and a peace march being led by the cricketer turned politician Imran Khan to Waziristan, in order to highlight consequences such as civilian casualties. I was contacted after an article I wrote appeared on Guardian America.

I had to do the obligatory walk down the road in front of my house while being filmed. No doubt this  must have intrigued Johnny, the gentleman who lives in the house opposite me.

Retired with a bad leg, Johnny spends a lot of time sitting on his front porch watching the world go by, which that morning included the incongruous sight of his lanky British neighbour cat-walking down the side walk.