Coffee and a rattlesnake

Yesterday I did some reporting for a story about coffee roasters in Austin. While speaking to an employee at Third Coast Coffee (that does an excellent line of Fair Trade Ethiopian coffees) a gentleman approached and placed a plastic jar on the table we sat at.

I leaned over and peered into it and saw a little rattlesnake curled up, flicking its forked tongue at nothing in particular.

The man had just returned from the vet after taking his cat which the rattlesnake bit in his home’s backyard. As the man poured himself a coffee, he chaffed at the $1,800 veterinary fee, though he reasoned it was better than the wrath of his wife that would have ensued if the cat had suffered.

He imagined the rattlesnake’s larger mother was somewhere else in his yard along with the other ten or so siblings it likely had. He planned to release his cat’s assailant but not into his backyard.

Worth watching where you step in Texas.