Brazilian coffee and French love

While doing some reporting about Austin coffee roasters, the owner of Casa Brazil kindly gave me some of his Brazilian coffee to try.

So currently instead of my normal breakfast dose of Ethiopian coffee, which I get from Third Coast Coffee, I’ve been having a caffeine-induced jab in the eye to wake me up courtesy South America.

I won’t say which I think is better, as coffee preference is so subjective, but suffice to say they’re  both well worth trying.

The Brazilian coffee certainly succeeded in making me alert enough to tackle the ever-growing mountain of newspapers on my kitchen table that I haven’t read.

In an old New York Times Sunday Review I came across a nice article about the phenomenon of star-crossed lovers visiting Paris and putting padlocks on many of its romantic bridges to symbolise the strength of their love.

“The fools! They haven’t understood a thing about love, have they?” said a 23-year-old waiter at a cafe near one bridge.

The article went on to consider this reaction: “To love truly is to want the other free, and this includes the freedom to walk away. Love is not about possession or property…Love is not capitalist, it is revolutionary.”

By the end of the article I was gazing, somewhat melancholy, out the kitchen window contemplating the challenge that is indeed love and often cuts all of us down to size.

But persevere and who knows what may come of it…well done Lizzy and John, many congratulations.