Lots of hummus and some nostalgia

I now have enough hummus in my fridge to last until Christmas after visiting a hummus factory off Highway 290, just outside Austin, to report a story.

As writing is all about immersing yourself in the subject matter, I had to accept the samples the owner offered me…obviously.

But Baby Zach’s hummus isn’t any old hummus. This is stuff made in Texas, so it’s exposed to apple wood smoke to enhance a flavor fusion ranging from Yellow Curry Smoked Hummus to Spicy Black Bean Smoked Hummus to Roasted Red Pepper Smoked Hummus to–of course it had to be there–Spicy Smoked BBQ Hummus: it’s Texas, come on, what do you expect.

I started by playing it safe and trying the Classic Traditional Smoked Hummus on some heated tacos for dinner and can report favorably on the smoky alchemy Zach has got going on.

My trip out along Hwy 290 was also notable for the fact I received an unexpected call from an old friend who shall go by the alias given to him when we were drinking partners during our misguided youth: Frank the Tank.

We don’t see much of each other now, Frank living in Johannesburg and me here. But speaking to him reminded me of good times shared:

Manic nights in Jo’burg’s Jolly Roger bar, the biggest sushi meal I’ve ever eaten in my life, driving down through the veld to Cape Town where we sipped beers looking across a pristine beach toward the vermilion sun dipping below the horizon.

Good times, Frank.

Good times to remember as I take another scoop of hummus.