No matching American verbal gymnasts

Austin City Limits Music Festival is in full swing this weekend, though unfortunately I’m not going as the tickets are too pricey for my current economic boxing weight.

Last night was typical Austin fare for one short in pocket, sat outside a friend’s house around a table top populated by beer bottles, underneath the soft glow from a string of light bulbs traversing the backyard, and doing my best to keep up with the fiercely articulate conversations of everyone else gathered.

The U.S. education system emphasises public speaking from a very early age–show and tell, for example–which really becomes evident when you put a tongue tied British dude next to his U.S. peers.

Fortunately, whenever a British person says something in America that makes no sense or offers an argument with no coherency, bit of a habit of mine, most Americans seem to patiently excuse it as a result of the perceived elegance of British syntax.

That can be one of the nice things about the morning. Peace and quiet, no need to say anything, when the inarticulate among us can relax and drink our coffee.