Overcoming hump day

Wednesday is also known as hump day in the States, that mid-point in the working week, which once over means you’re on the home stretch to the weekend and a break from the trials of work and 21st-century living.

One Wednesday evening after leaving the University of Texas at Austin’s gym, I came across a mass gathering of students engaged in what appeared a giant dance off.

It turned out to be a collection of the university’s sororities, whose members were celebrating the end of hump day in the most emphatic way possible–dancing their hearts out.

I did what any self-respecting guy who can’t dance would do and took a pew to watch the impressive arrays of moves, which happened to be getting executed by a lot of lithe young ladies. It’s amazing how the time can fly at such moments.

Soon the sun was setting and the trance was broken as I came to my senses and peddled off to the sounds of a chunky base line still pumping out.