Okay for LBJ

Being Thursday meant breakfast at Cisco’s, which as well as producing damn fine migas tacos has a strong historical connection to Texas politics. Lyndon B. Johnson dined there regularly when in town.

After serving as the 36th president of the United States, LBJ continues to polarise opinion: some consider him a war criminal for his escalation of the Vietnam War, while others champion how he passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well  as numerous other civil rights- and welfare-related bills.

My gut instinct is LBJ always wanted to use his presidency to fight a war against poverty in America but got sucked into a war he never wanted: the maelstrom of Vietnam, which proved the undoing of him and his aim to make America a better and fairer place.

The war in Vietnam is tragic in and of itself–especially for the people of Vietnam and Cambodia, clearly–but the sadness at what happened seems heightened by the consideration of what else could have been achieved by LBJ had his administration not become mired in that war.

Is it me or does that ring any contemporary bells?