America buries its head in the sand

Last night’s presidential debate about foreign policy was so bad that at times all you could do was laugh. There’s a good summing up of how it played out by Glenn Greenwald for Guardian America.

I thought Obama had a couple of moments where he did okay, primarily when he rebuffed Romney’s hawkish assertion that Obama behaves like a weak apologist to the countries of the Middle East.

Obama managed to touch on a rare virtue when it comes to America and it’s foreign policy: empathy. He described himself visiting Middle Eastern countries  and taking a moment to imagine what it must be like for inhabitants of places where the social fabric has been cleaved apart by years of warfare and strife.

Romney’s capacity for empathy extends to the economic impact of actions on GDP, and one worries that for many Americans this, too, is the limit of their capabilities in understanding the ramifications of U.S. foreign policy.