Ten things you learn freelancing

A contemplative mood has settled on me and so I thought to share some lessons learned through being a freelance journalist in America and experiencing the requisite income of such a heady pursuit:

1. A shot glass doubles up nicely as an egg cup–no need buy one. Cash back.

2. Having people not yet in their twenties shout at you from the SUVs and BMWs their parents have bought them while you’re biking around is quite annoying.

3. Don’t throw away your student ID that doesn’t have an expiration date.

4. Eat any left overs on friends’ plates; means you eat less of your food supplies later and thereby save on grocery bills. It all adds up and the margins are tight enough.

5. Beware volatile apple prices at supermarkets–surprisingly high.

6. Sewing is an underrated solution.

7. If someone offers to get you a drink but it’s your round, just nod and say thank you–go to confession later.

8. Go steady with margarita consumption at home–tequila’s pricey.

9. Give homeless guys at intersections the occasional dollar, might help with karma so that it’s never you there.

10. Probably not a good idea to go and have five children.