Hurricane nearly forces fashion faux-pas

The U.S.’s East Coast has been slammed the past 24 hours by Hurricane Sandy, which has caused flooding, power outages, the grounding of thousands of flights and worse.

Friends living in the New York and Washington areas have posted updates on Facebook, which included one stoic female friend living in NYC taking solace from the fact she managed to get out of the shower and dry her hair before the power went. As she pointed out: “Priorities!”

All the way down here in Austin, we’ve got it easy and are only experiencing an unusual cold front pushed our way by the storm. This has resulted in the temperature dipping toward 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning (about 8 degrees Celsius), which for this neck of the woods is quite a shock to the system.

That is the only defence for the close call the other day when with a shiver I nearly succumbed to the temptation to tuck my T-shirt into my boxer shorts in an attempt to better trap my body heat.

But, fortunately, I had the good sense to reach for my tea pot and made a Yorkshire Tea cuppa. One of the ultimate fashion faux-pas was averted. I can only hope that others dealing with for more dramatic challenges from Hurricane Sandy are all right, too.