Presidency and non-residency hang in balance

It’s election day and President Barack Obama’s tenure hangs in the balance as do other things.

Previously I’ve joked to people that it if the Republicans won I’d find it tough to maintain my non-resident alien lifestyle here, not due to any bureaucratic changes but based on principle. So many of the Republican’s policies and attitudes, well, they sort of make my blood curl.

But perhaps there’d be a need to remain and fight a rear guard action. As a veteran who participated in America’s two most recent wars, it’s hard not to flinch at what a Romney residency might result in.

Novelist Ben Fountain, who has written a satire about U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq to be lauded at a Super bowl called “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” said if Romney wins there’s a 90 percent chance America will be at war within the next four years–Republican president’s have a worrying habit as commander in chief.

It’s not just that which bothers me. I really like America. I really like Americans. Watching the news filled with images of people and volunteers dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as the nation goes to the polls reminds one about American gumption and spirit.

It’s a nation of intense drama and whose inhabitants deserve respect. And it’s important who is at the helm.


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  1. Nice article. Its seems you can continue be an alien with little to worry about, though from my experience I doubt even Obama will keep the US/Coalition from another conflict within 4 years.

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