Bond girls and women refugees

All this talk of James Bond has got me reminiscing about some of the women from Ian Fleming’s novels that not only beguiled Bond but also me as I read Fleming’s evocative descriptions.

There’s Tatiana Romanova in “From Russia with Love” with her “fine dark brown silken hair brushed straight back from a tall brow and falling heavily down almost to the shoulders,” or Solitaire from “Live and Let Die” with her “high cheekbones and a wide, sensual mouth which held a hint of cruelty.”

I recently came across another bunch of impressive women, all female refugees from Sudan, Congo, Nepal and Iraq and now resettled in Austin where they’re making new lives.

Thanks to clothing manufacturing company Open Arms, the women have found gainful employment making stylish scarves and skirts from recycled T-shirts, which enables them to earn a living wage.

I heard three of the ladies’ dramatic tales of tribulation while reporting a story for Culture Map Austin (please go to the link to learn more).

When interviewing a lady from Iraq it was hard not to be struck to the quick by her words about what it was like to live in Baghdad during the years following the invasion by coalition forces.