Formula 1 party roars into town

On Sunday the light-bar will be going green at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time at the Circuit of the Americas‘ race track here in Austin for the U.S. Grand Prix that returns to America for the first time since 2007.

You can read more about how the track came to be built on some dusty ranch land 15 miles from Austin’s downtown in a BBC online story I wrote (making for one chuffed British taxpayer).

The star of the article is Wyman Gilliam, aka Willd Bubba, and proprietor of Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill that is only a half-mile from the track’s entrance and where business has soared since construction began.

If you are going to the race keep an eye out for his food trailer where he will be selling buffalo and antelope burgers, coyote tails (deep-fried sausage wraps) and lots of fries.

He has 5,000 frites forks at the ready, he says, aware that some of his European customers won’t want to be as hands on as Texans tend to be.

“It’s just going to be wild,” he says of race day.

Perhaps Americans and Europeans can resolve their differences and be united if Wild Bubba has anything to do with it.