Sixth Street revs up with F1 crowds

After a day at the Circuit of the Americas’ track, F1 fans were out in force exploring Austin’s nightlife and hitting the bars along Sixth Street, helping drive Austin’s financial windfall from hosting the race.

” Three dollar beers! Three dollar beers! Come on in!” hawked a door man outside Shakespeare’s Pub, where Long Island pitchers awaited the more adventurous drinker.

People had travelled to Austin from far and wide, jetting in from Australia, Europe and South America. Marco Mendoza had come with two friends from Chihuahua, Mexico, driving for 16 hours up to Austin.

“F1 is very popular in Mexico but before we could only watch it on television as there was a rather big lake between us and where the races happened,” he says. He now plans to make his F1 pilgrimage for each of the 10 years the race is held in Austin.

His leather jacket blazoned with various F1-related patches attested to his enthusiasm for the sport, as did the big smile on his face.

Today drivers will be qualifying for tomorrow’s big race, starting at 1 p.m. (CST).