British champagne supernova at F1

British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton clinched victory in the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday.

He surprised everyone by managing to take Sebastian Vettel  on the 200 mph straight between Turn 11 and Turn 12, securing his spot atop the podium.

Vettel came in second with Fernanso Alonso doing a great job of coming in third after starting back at eighth.

It was the first time all three had shared the podium together, made all the more noticeable by the black  Stetsons worn as they shook and sprayed each other with enormous bottles of Mumm champagne.

The Texas officials who handed out the winners’ trophies caught a little fine champagne mist as they beat a hasty retreat.

But everyone seemed content, with Austin’s inaugural F1 event producing a good race and the state of Texas clearly impressing some–apparently Michael Schmacher has  gone and bought a 200-acre ranch.


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