Thanksgiving malarkey might not be so bad after all

After lamenting in a Culture Map Austin article the likelihood I’d be alone and railing drunk this Thanksgiving, I received a number of invites from complete strangers kindly offering for me to join them and their families.

One went so far to describe the likely scenario I’d encounter, making for a fine example of the eclectic Thanksgiving gatherings happening all over America today:

“It is quintessential West Texas. We even have our very own gun toting Tea Party conspiracy theorist uncle coming to dinner. We will get in a heated debate as soon as he (inevitably) quotes Rush Limbaugh. My grandmother will pretend its not happening as she continues a monologue about painting ceramic animals, and the other grown-ups will each take turns excusing themselves to the garage where we will be hiding the booze until she leaves. It’s all quite entertaining! But at the end of the day – hippies and liberals, sinners and saints – we are all quite thankful for each other.”

Here’s to being in good company this Thanksgiving, which for me is courtesy a friend and fellow Bruce Springsteen fan from journalism school and the extended tribe of the Carrubbas in Houston.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.