Doppelgängers popping up everywhere

Encountering my doppelgänger. James Jeffrey, right, Zac Roesch, left. Oh, damn: it’s the other way round.

We like to think that each of us is unique but I’m encountering evidence much to the contrary.

During a night out I bumped into a younger, better-looking version of myself.

Then Google Alerts notified me “James Jeffrey” had popped up on the internet causing me to be hopeful an article of mine had been published.

An article had been published by James Jeffrey, but not this one, rather James Jeffrey, ex-U.S. ambassador in Iraq. It’s a funny old coincidence, having spent over a year of my life in Iraq, and he turns out to have been a solider in Vietnam.

He’s written an opinion piece for Foreign Policy about why President Barack Obama’s second-term national security team can’t shy away from getting involved in the world’s difficult conflicts.

With Vietnam and Iraq under his belt, I guess he should have a fair idea of what he’s talking about…though with a James Jeffrey you can never be too sure.


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