Notable & Quotable

East Austin graffiti making a point.

East Austin graffiti making a point.

Bit of a rush this morning and so I thought best to leave it to a couple of thought-provoking quotes from others to sustain this day’s blog.

Auberon Herbert in “The Right and Wrong Compulsion by the State (1894):

“We are fast getting rid of emperors and kings and dominant churches, as far as the mere outward form is concerned, but the soul of these men and these institutions is still livings and breathing within us. We still want to exercise power, we still want to drive men our own way, and to possess the mind and body of our brothers as well as of our own selves. The only difference is that we do it in the name of a majority instead of divine right…”


C.S. Lewis write about the seductive pleasures of belonging in “The Inner Ring,” brilliantly highlighting the desire planted deep in the heart of every human being to be approved, acknowledged as “one of us” by people we admire. To get into that charmed circle, Lewis warned, many of us will assent to nearly anything.”