Descent into jet-lagged delirium


Looking out the back of the flat where I am staying onto a rainy London morning. I miss you sunny Texas skies.

By lunch time on Thursday I’d entered a jet-lagged delirium and ended up wandering the streets around Portobello Road seeking food and spiritual sustenance.

I found them in the forms of the British staples  that are a cheese and onion pasty at Greggs Bakery followed by a chip roll at a local chippie. All for under three quid. Nice.

But shortly after, the white flag was raised and I fell into bed fully clothed and not caring. When I awoke just past 4 p.m., already the city had descended into wintry darkness. Clearly, another cup of tea was called for.

After living like Scrooge in my Austin apartment with no heating, I’m making the most of being reacquainted with central heating in my friends’ flat–I was even able to take off my long johns.

Ever a wimp when it comes to the cold, but my living in Texas and being spoilt by its sublime weather has resulted in me really becoming a soft touch when faced with weather and temperatures of sterner stuff.

The long johns won’t be off for long.