Notting Hill dinner

Finishing drinks after dinner in the cosy confines of Notting Hill’s The Elgin.

Despite a disappointing lack of Belgium beers, dinner at The Elgin provided a fine catch up with friends, some of whom have traversed the Old-New World divide themselves.

Lizzy and Felicity both returned this year from having lived in New York City; during one visit and night out with them a memorable “dinner” totalled $150, despite the fact we shared one starter between us–the rest of the bill comprised Margaritas.

John (white shirt) has always had a special place in my heart after letting me use his Manhattan flat during my first-ever trip to NYC around 2002–so long ago my photos of that visit were taken with film!–and despite never having met me before (he was going out with Lizzy at the time–they’re now engaged).

Adam (red shirt) was about to set off to South America and Brazil for Christmas and New Year (he may be on the beach by the time you read this).

Last but not least there was the incomparable Big Gay Al (far right), my ever-loyal accommodation provider on Portobello Road and the sort of man you’d want to have at your side if the Mayan predictions are proved right.