Keeping the peace British style

It doesn't get more British or much better than Bettys.

It doesn’t get more British or much better than Bettys.

I ventured into York with my reporter’s notebook. But not for any interviews, as it contained a list of presents to buy and food items needed by my mum back in the kitchen.

Before diving into the frenzy of shoppers I had to pop into Thomas the Baker to buy an iced finger of Yorkshire goodness for 45 pence. Bargain. I’ve yet to find anything in America that can provide the same amount of satisfaction at such a price.

Weaving through the busy crowds I was immersed in a reassuringly British litany of “Excuse mes,” “Sorrys” and “Pardons” as elbows and shoulders collided in the cobbled streets of Stonegate but all the while everyone remained relatively civil.

Inside Bettys it was bedlam–and yet the peace held. The world may be going to hell in a handcart but there’ll always be Bettys to steady the keel.

Back over in the States I have a story running in the Austin Business Journal about a company inspired by the fraternity scene and immortalised by the 1978 film “Animal House.”

Much like the film, Total Frat Move isn’t worried about being politically correct and the tactic seems to be working–there’s a book release tie-in come January 2013.

This blog was brought to you courtesy the fine Belgium beer of Straffe Hendrick, a glass of which has kept my typing fingers company.

Cheers ears.