Let’s be having you, America

Reunited with Old Glory.

Reunited with Old Glory.

I arrived at Austin’s airport looking a right state–unshaven, unkempt, doing my best Ancient Mariner impression (tends to be my default look once I start travelling).

Next morning, my first day back in the New World proceeded as follows:

Two x Poptart equivalents (only breakfast-related food item available due to empty fridge) and tea with no milk (clearly).


Fired up the Mustang–started first time, bless her.

Hancock shopping centre for haircut.

Grocery shopping at Fiesta.

Cycled to Austin Business Journal to touch base with editors about part-time job starting as its Capitol correspondent covering the 83rd Texas Legislature (half the time I can barely say that word correctly–it’s virtually not used in the British-English vernacular–and so will be interesting to have to write about it).

Started to crash around dinner time as the westward jet-lag set in; managed to cook something in a haze; couldn’t coordinate washing up my dishes; crawled to sofa to watch some TV; couldn’t handle that so crawled to bed.

Out for the count…

Wide awake at 4:30 a.m. next day. Pants.