Keeping it cool and mellow

Night time descends in Austin.

Night time descends in Austin.

On Saturday night a friend had a birthday party at his house and asked me to pick up some ice on my way round.

So I stopped off at a gas station, around 9 ish, grabbed two bags of the cool stuff from the fridge outside, made my way inside and deposited them at the counter.

The store guy was having a cigarette outside the front door and came back in when he saw me standing at the counter.

“Much longer left of your shift,” I asked.

“I’m on until 1,” he said.

“Oh, does that give you enough time to still make something of the night?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go home, play video games and smoke a shit load of marijuana.”

“Huh, well, each to their own.”

You can’t take away from Americans their ability for candour. I’ve always rather admired it, coming as I do from a society with a propensity for circumlocution.

“Have a good night,” he said, handing me my change.


He was still chuckling as I got to the door.