Refugee in Miami from heart palpatations

Shadows lengthen along Miami's South beach at the day's close.

Shadows lengthen along Miami’s South beach at the day’s close.

By now the hangovers were seismic and the occasional heart palpitation was evident.

So as we left Key West and headed north skimming over the intra-coastal waterway linking the islands, conversation was kept to a minimum.

Even my indomitable Samoan attorney was now feeling the effects and I took the wheel as Pete dealt with his demons while slumped over on the passenger’s side.

If ever there was a time to resort to our fine British Army training and the use of the buddy-buddy system it was going to be during the next few days as we tried to maintain basic bodily functions and reach the finish line in one piece.

Miami rose from our hangover-addled haze like a crown decked with glittering jewels. Once checked into a hostel in South Beach, I felt the need for the sound of the waves and wandered down to the waterline.

A shadowy pall was settling like a silver cloak along the vast beach line as the sun began its descent.

I closed my eyes, breathed in deeply and felt the claws of the hangover ease off and my heart beat smooth out.