Post road trip review

What's at the other end of the road? Only one way to find out.

What’s at the other end of the road? Only one way to find out.

Days on the road: about 28

Distance traveled: 3000 miles approx.

Cities and towns visited: 14

Weekly alcohol intake: unhealthy amount, never to be repeated

Wrong turns taken: a lot

Speeding tickets: nil (a minor miracle)

Senators met: 1

Large Cuban cigars smoked: 2

Drugs taken: nil (sorry, Hunter S. Thompson)

Pete and I lost touch with the Sebring that had so loyally served us after it had been handed in. I like to think it may still be out there with the roof down, roaring down a nice and open stretch of Interstate highway 10, enabling someone else to ride that strange torpedo.

I left the British Army about four months later,  16 April 2010. Pete stayed in the army until the summer of 2012 and now works for a financial head hunter.

Having graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2012, I’ve been making it up as I go along ever since in trying to navigate civy street and work as a freelance journalist–similar to living as an impoverished bohemian poet but without the multiple lovers and hedonistic lifestyle.

This involves writing about anything from sticky toffee puddings to the occasional reflection on those militaristic days left in the dust of the Sebring’s screeching tyres.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention. Status of the American Dream sought on the road trip: AWOL, but I think you already knew that.