Shrimps, fish and chips, and the American experience

U.S. and British interests converged in Austin at the Headliners Club.

U.S. and U.K. interests converged in Austin at the Headliners Club.

Texas Governor Rick Perry swept into the room at Austin’s Headliners Club, shook some hands, ate some shrimp and left.

I missed all this, ensconced in a conversation with another Brit at the reception–held by the British Consulate-General in Houston in support of a proposed US-EU free trade agreement–about how America, despite it’s amazing ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, just can’t seem to get fish and chips right.

Apparently, I was told, there is one decent chippie, Snoopy’s Pier in South Padre Island, Texas, that does a good batch of fish and chips–already I am sensing a road trip/crusade to discover if this is true.

I managed to finish my article about the photo exhibit, focusing on how it reminds one of both the violent and tragic as well as the beautiful and inspiring trajectory of the American experience. It’s up on the Culture Map Austin website if you fancy a look.

Alternatively, I spotted another blog post–much better than this one–by a former classmate at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism about what is was like crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as a child before he became an American citizen.