Cape Town’s cinematic days and stunning nights

Table Mountain and Camps Bay looking not quite as cinematic as I remember but still pretty damn fine.

Camps Bay beneath Table Mountain, on a less cinematic day but still pretty damn fine.

There’s nothing like experiencing a moment in nature when it beats what you might see in the films.

Sitting on the white sands at Camps Bay while what I can only describe as a waterfall of billowing clouds poured over the edge of Table Mountain behind me was such a moment.

I looked to my front and there was the Indian ocean doing its beautiful best and then I looked behind my shoulder and there was this stunning natural phenomenon churning away. Astonishing.

So that’s what Cape Town delivers in the day. At night, courtesy of Frank’s friend with whom we were staying, we got a whirl-wind tour of some of the city’s finest night spots.

At one club the friend knew the bouncer and we strode straight past the long cue and into the heart of the melee of flashing lights and dance music–I’d always wanted to do that.

Another club involved an elevator ride up to the 22nd floor of a tower block above a major bank, the elevator full of stunning and sleek South African females.

One club seemed to be full of men and women all over 6 feet tall, and all utterly stunning. You might see a theme emerging here. There’s a lot of attractive people in Cape Town.

Attempting to chat up two identical twins led to the inevitably disappointing denouement; to think what might have been is enough to send one mad.