Squeezed into Kowloon and Chungking Mansions.

The Chungking Mansion apartment block; your only bet for cheap accomodation in Hong Kong.

The Chungking Mansion apartment block in the distance; your only bet for cheap accommodation in Hong Kong.

Leaving the elevator on the ground floor of the Chungking Mansions apartment block where my hotel was located to go in search of finding some breakfast I passed a woman entering the elevator  who might well have been a lady of the night returning to get some rest–the building is an interesting place with a diverse cross-section of society.

One of the things I loved about Hong Kong was how, like New York, it throbs with a frantic energy and momentum on the streets which gives a solo traveler enough to chew on so as not to get lonely or at least become aware of one’s innate loneliness.

An interesting sight over on Hong Kong Island was thousands of Filipino women who make up the workforce of the city’s hired-help gathered all along the walkways and in every available nook and corner at street level engaged in ramshackle picnics, discussions, reading books, knitting and various activities: it’s a weekly gathering on the one day off they have from work.

At the end of a busy day exploring and returned to Kowloon (I love the sound of that name), I slept like a hamster in its nest, my feet almost touching the wall at the end of my bed set in a tiny windowless cell within the Man Hing Lung Hotel, set amid the rollicking humanity of Chungking Mansions.