Easter Monday pancakes and flashbacks in IHOP

Comfort food

Comfort food in the form of buttermilk pancakes to ward against no day off and Sandhurst flashbacks.

Easter Monday began amid some frustration for me, knowing that back in the U.K. it was a national holiday and day off, while here in the U.S. it was noses back to the grindstone.

I decided to at the least mark the day with a trip to my nearest IHOP diner, somewhat  of an MO these days, to enjoy a stack of buttermilk pancakes and drink the entire contents of one of the large thermos flasks that a waitress plunks on the table filled with rather sharp but drinkable coffee.

Being a popular guy I sat down with J.G. Farrell’s “The Singapore Grip” as my only company and experienced a flashback after reading the following passage: “…they would still have to face the prospect of having their lines of communication with the rest of the British forces severed by a Japanese column coming along that road through the mountains.”

Suddenly the cozy interior of IHOP melted away and I was back in a 13 Platoon harbor area in the woods during Sandhurst training, unraveling a spool of Don 10 field  cable between the harbor area’s sentry posts as the rain fell, the wind blew and my rifle kept slipping forward from being slung over my back to bang my knee.

I shook my head and the unsettling scene vanished, returning me to my buttermilk pancakes and all was well–though I still had to go and work on Easter Monday.