Daybreak in Bundi with an Indian penguin


Looking down onto Bundi, tea boy to the right, random penguin to the left.

I found my inner mountain goat kept plenty busy while traveling through Rajasthan due to its undulating landscape and one early morning in Bundi,  before the day’s heat arrived, made my way up a nearby hill.

Bundi is known for its ornate forts, palaces and stepwell reservoirs known as baoris, as well as its multitude of temples, some of which sit among the surrounding hills’ peaks and one of which my mountain goat had set its sights on.

At the top I found myself the only person there other than an Indian teenage boy working in a ramshackle cafe and from whom I got a cup of masala chai with which to reinvigorate myself, ready for the descent.

There was, actually, another presence on the hill top in addition to myself and the boy–a very large penguin, rather surprisingly, standing sentinel in front of the temple (I think he might have doubled up as a rubbish bin, in addition to guard duties).

An unexpected sight among Rajasthan's wildlife.

An unexpected sight among Rajasthan’s wildlife.