Temptations in the Blue City

The winding road I took to the fort overlooking Jaipur.

The winding road I took to the fort–part of its ramparts visible top right–overlooking Jaipur.

On the outskirts of Jaipur my inner mountain goat was called into action once again to visit an old fortress whose ramparts dominated a ridge line overlooking the Blue City, so named for it blue-colored buildings.

Alone, wandering the ramparts, I felt a sense of haunting abandonment which I’ve noticed before visiting other former battlements. There was a touch of the poem “Ozymandias,” its shattered visage and the worthlessness of militaristic hubris among the crumbling, sun-baked masonry.

Once I’d descended back down the winding road that had taken me to the fort, due to the heat I opted to take a taxi back to where I was staying and ended up in a conversation with the driver about the attractiveness of Rajasthan’s women.

Next thing I knew, he had suggested that if I wanted he could take me to meet his “sister’s friend” who could show me just want the local womenfolk were capable of behind closed doors.

Okay, I thought about it for five seconds, well, maybe ten seconds, but, “Back to the hotel is fine, thanks,” was my final decision on the matter.