The merit of cucumber with alcohol


The cocktail of the trip turned out not to be a Long Island Iced Tea–which tasted a bit too sweet, not helped  by the sugar spike of a NYC diet, perhaps–but a cool and fresh Cucumber Vodka Collins.

I found myself at the Pierpont Morgan Library at 29 East 36th Street at Madison Avenue as Friday drew to a close, and took a pew in the garden court near the entrance where a violin and cello duet were playing–that might sound a bit pretentious but after lots of walking I didn’t care and after 7 p.m. admission is unpretentiously free, which helped.

I didn’t take note of the ingredients but it was something along the lines of vodka, lemon juice, sparkling wine and a few of those all important slices of cucumber, the hint of their taste working really well with the vodka.

I’m normally deploying slices of cucumber around my apartment kitchen trying to fend off the ants who share my living space (apparently ants don’t like cucumbers) and I’ll be the first to grant that a slice bobbing in a tall cocktail glass is preferable.