New York’s weaving skyline and surprisingly friendly drivers

8 Spruce Street, The tallest residential tower in the Americas. Created by the most acclaimed architect of our time. Rental residences by Frank Gehr

8 Spruce Street, the tallest residential tower in the Americas, created by one of the world’s most acclaimed architects, Frank Gehry. Photo by Cody Lyon.

This most recent trip to New York contained a first in the form of going for a bike ride round the city courtesy my friend with whom I was staying acting as my guide.

We covered a lot of territory–lower Manhattan, two bridges, downtown Brooklyn, two rivers, bike lanes, piers, Ground Zero and Washington Square Park: all in two hours and 35 mins.

I was pleasantly surprised by New York’s drivers who didn’t shout or honk at me as I wobbled, went the wrong way down one-way streets, veered into the middle of roads while craning my neck to gaze at skyscrapers, such as Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street with its design creating an optical effect, especially from a distance, whereby the building looks like its weaving in the sky.

NYC’s drivers certainly appeared to have the edge when it comes to courtesy toward cyclists over Austin’s drivers, many of whom drive aggressively enough to make cycling seem more perilous than patrolling down an unlit alley at night in Iraq during the Mahdi army’s insurgency of 2004.