Texans can be a rum bunch

Texans are also an independent-minded bunch, proud of the fact their state used to be a republic, with plenty of Texans today who harp on about the merits of seceding from the U.S.

Texas having once been its own republic is a source of pride to Texans, with some of them still suggesting the merits of seceding from the U.S.

Texans are a rambunctious lot who can charm and alienate in equal measure.

The other day at the State Capitol I was in the gift shop buying a few postcards and happened to glance at one card giving the the state’s stats, including it being the second biggest state in the U.S.

“Alaska is the biggest state, right?” I asked of the gentleman at the till as I bought a few postcards.

“Well, yes,” he replied. “But we like to say: wait until the ice melts.”

I thought that was a quite a nice line.

Then, on the other hand, you have another Texan, Cody Wilson, inventor of the world’s first 3D-printable gun and a self proclaimed crypto-anarchist, offering his interesting take on the gun control issue.

He was reported as saying how thanks to the convergence of file-sharing and 3D printing there will come about “a complete explosion of all available gun laws. I think we should be allowed to own automatic weapons; we should have the right to own all the terrible implements of war.”

I didn’t think that was such a nice line.