This American life: dramatic and dangerous

The Statue of Liberty has an off day in the cult disaster film "Independence Day."

The Statue of Liberty has an off day in the cult disaster film “Independence Day.”

Now while I may whinge–as in my last blog–about America’s never-ending commercials and materialistic suffocation, when it comes to the constant stream of disaster movies coming through the multiplexes, I’ve more of an appreciation about the interest in them.

Real-life in the U.S. is such that the idea of disaster striking is not as far-fetched for those living here as it might be for someone living in sleepy Dorset in the U.K. The terrible two-mile wide tornado that decimated a 20 mile swath outside of Oklahoma city on Monday illustrated the risks of ferocious nature that many ordinary Americans live with throughout the year.

Then when you add the man-made risks, such as 300 million firearms in the country,  factories blowing up as happened recently in Waco, Texas, you can see how the average tableaux of American life often offers up additional dramas to what others in Western countries typically encounter.

So while it may seem to the outside that some Americans can get a bit carried away when it comes to conspiracy theories and immanent Armageddon, often they have good cause to be wary. And while I’m no fan of the country’s military-industrial complex, if the aliens ever do attack, I know which air force I’ll be looking to as the world’s last defense.