Dawn attack amid the Belize mist


Start of the exercise’s final attack.

The “Apocalypse Now” motifs continued out in Belize with a dawn final attack which began encased in jungle mist swirling around the hills and streams.


Once shots started to be fired it was rather like being on a film set as I followed the exercising troops practicing their fire and manoeuvre skills, scuttling through the vegetation toward enemy positions.

My job was to follow the troop of armored vehicles accompanying the infantry, liaise with the commander of the armored troop and keep an eye out that no one on the ground got run over.

When the troop went firm in a  fire support position I was free to wander around “the set” and soak-up the action, occasionally wandering too freely, to be told to move aside by the staff following the attacking infantry when I got in their way.


By the time the mists cleared the attack was over. Endex. Back to base for a good shower and some good grub not cooked in a boil-in-a-bag.