Body armour back on, load up

3rd Troop, A Sqn, The Queen's Royal Lancers

3rd Troop with additional members of A Squadron, The Queen’s Royal Lancers; Kuwait-Iraq border, 2004.

The rest of our stay at Camp Doha included making the most of the “Biggest chow house in the Middle East,” catching films at the cinema (“Catwoman” was on, I managed about 20 minutes before I had to leave), browsing the PX and enjoying having the freedom of movement to go where we liked.

Soon enough, though, it was time to head back to Iraq. We left in the afternoon so as to get to the Kuwait-Iraq border around midnight and then be able to travel to Basra airport–for the onward flight to Sparrowhawk outside Al Amarah–under the cover of darkness.

At the border we pulled over to sort ourselves out. Body armour vests and Kevlar helmets were unearthed from the back of the Land Rovers. Stood in a line, we loaded our magazines onto our SA80 rifles. Next, the obligatory troop photo. Then the wheels turned and the rovers drove into the Iraqi night.