Five tips for driving to the Gulf of Mexico

Bond girls

Bond girls, courtesy Ian Fleming.

After making the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Austin along Interstate Highways 35 and 37 to spend a day and a night at Corpus Christi on the coast of Texas (hence the lack of a blog post on Monday, apologies; this week will comprise Tuesday and Thursday blog postings), I learned the following five lessons:

1) Before setting off, liberally apply sun lotion to the arm that will be resting on the driver’s door window pane during the drive down and in direct sunlight for about three hours.

2) Buy two water bottles instead of one; driving in Texas is thirsty work.

3) Just because SONIC drive-in does a great root beer float doesn’t mean it does good fries–they looked and tasted thoroughly depressed.

4) IHOP pancakes are always good, wherever you go.

5) Be ready with some good lines in case you get to share some beach time with a Bond girl lookalike, her black tresses snaking seductively down her glistening brown back above the lapping ocean waves.