A new cocktail is born

A gangly tank commander tries his luck with an Iraqi bicycle.

A gangly tank commander tries his luck with an Iraqi bicycle.

On Friday evening a British friend in Austin hosted a party to celebrate the recent and unusual run of  British successes: a British cyclist winning the Tour de France, the England cricket team retaining the Ashes, a Brit winning Wimbledon and the birth of a Royal baby.

I emptied my drinks cabinet by way of my contribution to the evening and ended up creating a new cocktail that I’d describe as a cross between a Moscow Mule and a Sidecar. In trying to come up with a name for it, one of the other guests who knows of my ignoble past suggested calling it the Tank Commander.

It would be convenient to say the drink packs a punch to justify that name but it actually slips down quite easily. However, after drinking a few of them you can easily feel disorientated, somewhat confused and light-headed–much like how I felt as a tank commander; so under those terms the name seems justified and, hence, I present to you:

The Tank Commander!

To make take a bowl into which you pour:

1/4 bottle of Bacardi

1/4 bottle of brandy

1/2 bottle of Triple Sec

1 x cup of fresh lemon juice

5 x cans of ginger ale

Add lots of ice, stir and pour.

The secret to ensure gaining the approval of drinkers is to continue topping up glasses–most people (especially if British) will normally be too polite too say no and by the time they’ve downed a few will be singing the Tank Commander’s praises.

Boom. Target. Cocktail success.