Here’s a few shots taken along the road through New Mexico and Arizona bound for California.


After leaving Austin around midday, I got to El Paso by about 10 p.m., and where I stopped off in haste to buy a blanket at a Sears store as I planned to sleep in the car once I’d finished driving for the day.

I parked up in a rest area somewhere in New Mexico after driving until after midnight. Having stripped down in the back of the car it was still too hot for the blanket, which got used as a pillow instead (proving a somewhat superfluous purchase).

It wasn’t too uncomfy in the back as I slept through my alarm set for 5.30 a.m. and woke just before 7 a.m. As I needed to get to Santa Ana by the afternoon to meet a friend who planned for us to head into Los Angeles that night and still had over 10 hours driving ahead of me the lost time seemed potentially damning. I hastily brushed my teeth, put the seats upright, and gunned it back onto the I-10 interstate highway as the darkened sky began to turn pink along the horizon in my rear-view mirror while the sun rose.


Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and pulled over for breakfast in a diner, accompanied by surly-looking truck drivers. After three pancakes with two eggs (sunny side up) and two patties (small, spicy hamburger-type things), washed down with three cups of strong black coffee, I was back on the road.

I was spurred on by a mixture of audio CDs and radio. There was a pleasing amount of British ’80s music piped through by the radio stations–Billy Idol kept on cropping up with his rebel’s yell. (Sadly no Pet Shop Boys though, which really would have made it.)

I even found myself getting into the infectiously catchy Christian rock blaring out: “If you don’t know what to say, say Jesus…Call out to Him and He will here your cry!-y!-y!”

I didn’t call out to Him but He seemed to keep the state troopers off my back as I continued to gun it westward…