Surf’s up, dudes and dudesses

After finishing in Santa Ana I headed along the Coastal Highway to spy some of the beaches, starting with breakfast–lox and bagel–at Wilma’s Patio on Balboa Island.

I also felt obliged to try the island’s famous Frozen Banana (a frozen banana–no surprise there–dipped in chocolate and then covered in lots of toppings). It’s quite a distinctive-looking little fella–a frozen banana advertisement outside one particular place looked like something from a fetishistic porno movie.

Feeling very full (and mildly violated if I dwelt on that poster image) I headed to Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and Long Beach, before realising I’d well and truly put myself on the wrong side of LA–primarily LA traffic–for heading east to Palm Springs afterwards…pants. A few shots from the beach combing:

another of beach beach flag  ruby's surfer

Regarding the following advice of what to do in the case of a Tsunami, I suspect the point being made is that one should get the hell away from the beach…follow the blue lines and you might be all right (which other way would you go?):


Gazing at the bronzed bodies and fancy infrastructure it all seemed a long way from the beach in Somaliland. When comparing the dazzle of California to life in the likes of Somaliland and Ethiopia, the phrase “a different galaxy” doesn’t seem adequate…