San Diego RV with 0C


In San Diego I caught up with a friend with whom I worked in the British Army, and who, like me, is now long gone from the soldier’s noble ways (he was a tough infanteer, often with little patience for cavalry mens’ idiosyncrasies and faults, of which I had my fair share–so I’m grateful we remained in touch).


My friend’s medals (left to right): Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Iraq, Jubilee Medal, Long Service Good Conduct Medal.



Walking along the beach one morning I came across a tall, bearded, red-eyed young guy tracing a poem in the sand.

We live in deeds, indeed.

My friend’s teenage son was visiting too. He doesn’t want to join the army, and is studying to be a vet.

A good choice, I’d say–the soldier’s ways aren’t always so noble…